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What If It Is A Stolen Item?

Gauteng auctions at CAHi Auctioneers are reputable and honest.  This auction house has been operating since 1987 and has an impeccable reputation.  They have built this reputation by operating with the highest levels of integrity in all of their dealings.

CAHi Auctioneers is experienced in handling divorce cases, insolvent estates and deceased estates.  Their team deals with individuals through to the largest of corporates.  Whoever they are dealing with, all will have experienced the excellent service and integrity of CAHi Auctioneers.  In a business that relies on a reputation for honest dealing, there is no room for stolen items.  CAHi Auctioneers has an unblemished record and maintains an excellent relationship with all the major banks in South Africa.

Gauteng Auctions are honest affairs

For honest auctions, Gauteng company CAHi Auctioneers should be your first choice.  They will only bring items to auction that they know are the legitimate property of the seller.  They will provide a fair evaluation of the items according to their expert opinion.  They will collect and store the items at their secure facility.  They will conduct the auction with the utmost honest and both buyer and seller will be delighted with the result.  CAHi Auctioneers are not a fly-by-night company.  They are in the business for the long haul and operate accordingly.  All clients know they can be trusted and will conduct all their business dealings with the highest levels of truthfulness.

CAHi Auctioneers can be trusted

If you have something to sell, CAHi Auctioneers can be trusted to get you a fair price.  They have a focused database that enables them to market their items to the right buyers.  This ensures that they get a successful result when they bring your property to auction.

Call CAHi Auctioneers today.  They will explain the whole process of auction to you so that you understand exactly what is to be expected.  Once you have experienced CAHi Auctioneers, you will understand that stolen items will not come to auction.  Their continued success relies on their honesty and they operate their Gauteng auctions accordingly.


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