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What Is A Job Lot?

When visiting Gauteng auctions for furniture and moveable assets, have you ever wondered why crates and boxes of small items are sold as one unit? It makes sense to group small items such as crockery, books and other miscellaneous articles. Can you imagine how long the auction would take if every last cutlery set and photo frame is bid upon individually? Additionally, these small items are usually included in furniture and clearance auctions, but they are never the sought out larger items clients expect, so they can go unnoticed and unbid-for unless assembled into a collective box. Auctioneers call this collection of assorted miscellaneous items job lots.

What are you looking for at a Gauteng auction?

Chances are, you’re visiting a current auction in search of furniture, appliances or other large moveable assets. You might not spare a glance at the assortment of small items when you notice the antique wooden table they’re resting on, but next time you visit a Gauteng auction, it might be worth your while to take a look. Hidden treasures are concealed in plain sight at these auctions, and you could find an antique lampshade to match your table if you look through the job lots. When you spy a must-have item in a job lot, you’ll have to bid on the whole collection of items in that lot, but you could walk away with much more than you bargained for. Some of the other items might just be junk, but there could always be another hidden treasure at the bottom! What’s more, you could resell the unwanted items at your next car boot sale, or pass them on as gifts.

Gauteng auctions offer more than first meets the eye

Do you love browsing thrift stores and flea markets? If so, you will be in your element at a Gauteng auction with job lots on offer. The trinkets and small items to be found are endless. Sometimes a very valuable item may be included in the job lot, which you will undoubtedly get for a bargain.

Call CaHi for more information about job lots.  Some folk are cautious of attending Gauteng auctions for fear of overbidding or spending too much, but if you’re a thrifty spender, bidding on job lots won’t cost an arm and a leg.


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